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Philosophy, by b-town baker

I used to be into cupcakes, and now I’m not.   I don’t know what happened…  I loved them, I made them, my friends and coworkers went wild for them (early adopter of the filled-cupcake craze), I started a business, and then I burnt out.  I still love baking, and do so regularly, but can’t bring myself to go back to the world of little cakes.

What you’ll find here is a wide range of whimsy baking (and occasional cooking).  From a huge collection of cookbooks – that won’t seem to stop growing – and a range of online sites and resources such as other blogs and Pinterest, I’ve culled a gathering of recipes that pique my interest, and now I’m going to make them and post them here.

Thanks for checking out this new iteration.  Maybe cupcakes will one day have a resurgence…


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